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Keeping my property safe and sound has always been a pain area and I had sleepless nights till of met SEDA. Their security personnel was outstanding, with eye or detail dealing with every nook and cranny of my property and proceedings!! I am really happy with them! Keep up the good work!
Billy Dickens

My power bill was rising and rising, every month with fluctuations and I had no clue about what’s wrong with my electricals. Then these CEDA blokes turned up and god knows what they did and not the bills are stable and no outages. That’s a good job for me!
Mervyn J.

My airconditioning was making sound and it wasn’t cooling. It was eating up too much power and all the troubles I never expected. But thanks to CEDA things are settled now and it’s petty cool…looking for some great service from these men! Thanks a lot!
Emily Vasquez
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