services we provide
At AMC Homes Vic we offer a comprehensive construction process from start to handover. We offer design and construct, or client provided architectural plans and specifications.

Creating your dream home doesn’t necessarily mean having to start from scratch. Your existing home can be extensively renovated and extended to meet your needs and satisfy your desires.

At AMC VIC Home, we proudly offer professional home renovations and house extensions in Melbourne. Whether you want rooms updated and modernised or you need extra rooms and another storey for more space, we can get the job done to your satisfaction.

We have professional and experienced painters who are ready to paint your residential or commercial property whether you need to interior or exterior painting. AMC VIC Home is here to help you get your house painting done back to its original or the intended shape and color.

We specialise in painting because we do it properly and according to customer’s needs and expectations. We have affordable painting solutions for investment properties and best quality painting solutions for luxury homes and businesses.

Along With painting we also do rendering. Rendering is a process of applying a protective and durable wall covering to the exterior walls. Rendering in Melbourne is not a new thing; this service has been there for many years.

The only thing is that there have never been dedicated rendering companies in Melbourne to offer this service at its required standards. It is for this reason that we came to help residents here get their exterior walls flourishing in paint and color.

The interior walls of a home or office are often not complete without application of a moulding type. These mouldings are primarily for aesthetic purposes but also allow a building’s walls to combat wear and tear over time.

Larger rooms and homes with high ceilings, however, are great candidates for crown moulding – a fantastic architectural element that can really boost a property’s value and aesthetic appeal. If you have a long boring hallway you’d like to jazz up, or you want a traditional feel in the kitchen, but a more modern look for the bathrooms and media room, come tell us all about it!

Shopfitting design is all about creating atmosphere and underlining your brand, your culture and your unique selling proposition. That’s why the design phase is the most important step when it comes to opening a retail, food services or office location. What your business looks like will have a direct effect on your success.

At AMC VIC Homes we understand the importance of getting it right. We work intensively with our clients in the early stages to really understand what they want to achieve with their shop fitout design. We understand that is vital to take the time needed at this stage to be really clear about the design outcomes required.