Commercial Skylights

Commercial Skylights
  • The Solar MaxLight® series of commercial skylights by SolarBright® set a new benchmark for the Commerical Daylighting Systems made in Australia.
  • The range comes in 3 different versions, a large 550mm open ceiling version (K-DL550/C), the 550mm version for closed ceiling spaces (K-DL550) and the standard 500mm MaxLight series. With the option to add our amazing SunTracker® Dome to either of the 550mm versions
  • Engineered to harness daylight like no other commercial tubular skylight on the market, especially when coupled with our unique solar-powered, motorized, GPS Sun Tracking & mirror array technology, all included in our optional patented SunTracker® Dome.
  • Using cutting edge technology, like our Suntracker® Dome, M-Silver Tube®, and commercial grade aluminium flashings, our commercial skylights deliver brighter, more natural and healthier light into your space than any other leading tubular skylight or commercial daylighting models
  • With an industry-leading 15 year warranty, award-winning performance and our highly competitive commercial pricing SolarBrights® Solar MaxLight® series of commercial skylights are excellent value for money.
Quick Specs
MaxLight® ML550 (Square) Closed MaxLight® ML550/Open MaxLight® ML550 (Round) Closed
P.O.A. P.O.A. P.O.A.
Light Coverage Area Up to 65 sqm/td>

Up to 65 sqm up to 65 sqm
Potential Drop Length 20M+ without any loss of light 20M+ without any loss of light 20M+ without any loss of light
Size (diameter) 550mm 550mm 550mm
Suitable For Large offices, schools, daycare centres, shops warehouses, factories, storage hangers Large offices, schools, day care centres, shops
Security Bar Option Yes Yes Yes
Why Choose Natural Light For Your Work Place?
Adding free sunlight into your workspace has both psychologically and physiologically benefits. Sunlight offers the full visible spectrum of light that reduces eyestrain and makes our belongings look their true colour while blocking out harmful UV rays. Simply, people are just much happier under the sun! It even helps indoor plants thrive.

Daylight has been proven to significantly impact on productivity and health. Our eyes and brains simply function better when working in natural light versus artificial lighting and Vitamin D, gained from exposure to sunlight, is an essential mineral, as this vitamin has numerous benefits to our health. Healthier and happier staff all equate to a more productive workforce, less prone to sickness.

From a more practical standpoint, natural light also reduces the amount of mildew and mold growth, also keeping working areas healthier and reducing the number of sick days staff are likely to take.

Aside from all above advantages, Natural light is FREE so installing a skylight can significantly reduce your electricity bills.

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