Each of our skylight ranges come in a minimum of 2 sizes a 250mm and a 400mm in diameter. However the MaxLight series of skylights also comes in a larger 500mm diameter if required, though this is more commonly used in commercial installations.

If you are not sure which skylight is best suited to your needs, each of our skylight product pages detail the light output of each size, for that range. So you can make a more informed decision before you contact us for a quote or installation.

The SolarBright Tubular Skylights are designed especially for leak-free operation when installed properly. Our installers are well-trained professionals, so if you have any concerns in this regard we would recommend having your skylight installed by one of our installers, rather than attempting to do so yourself.
Yes! With both the MaxLight & Spectrum series of skylights, you can adjust the amount of light output during the day (or night) with our optional Daylight Dimmer.
Solarbright® Skylights can be installed virtually on any roof type. Their seamless roof flashings are designed to fit all Australian roofs with easy installation and leak-proof protection. If you are particularly handy you can even give installation a go yourself with our DIY instructions
Solarbright® Skylights are perfect for any dark room in your home including the garage. We also have a full line of commercial units available for office buildings and warehouse applications. If you are not sure which range is suited to your space, our qualified installation technicians can help you make a decision and provide a free customised quote before making any commitment. To get a quote just Contact Us.
Yes! With either our MaxLight ML250 or Spectrum SP250 skylights, you can add-on our stylish ventilation kits which perfect for all wet areas or laundries. Even with our Budget BU250, you can have a passive ventilation option, which may be enough in some cases. You can find out more information about our Ventilation Add-On Kits here
Yes, SolarBright offers an electric light kit that is installed directly into the lower section of the skylights tubing. This electric light is then wired to a wall switch for ease of operation, just like a normal light.
Solarbright® MaxLight & Spectrum Tubular Skylights have a super reflective, mirror-like light tube with up to 98% reflectivity rate. It is durable Solid Aluminium, not laminated polymer, which transmits pure natural white light into your space. The tube has also been proven to provide highest possible reflectivity even at low sun angle, and it will never yellow, crack or peel after prolonged UV Exposure. Which is why we are so proud to offer their Industry leading 20 & 10 yr Warranties.
Yes, all available light will be collected and reflected by your tubular skylight. When we install the skylight we will take every effort to position it well on your roofline, avoiding possible shade such as trees or other houses, to ensure we capture as much sunlight as possible, all day, every day.
Yes! As long as you are comfortable doing so and are reasonably experienced at DIY. You will find our DIY installation instructions here.
Each Solarbright® Tubular Skylight kit comes with everything you need to it install the skylight including:

  • High impact Acrylic Dome
  • Roof Flashing
  • Adjustable tubes (tubing will depend on the skylight product you purchased
  • Diffuser kit
  • All additional Hardware Needed

You will require your own tools to do the installation, so if you would like to check you have the right tools to do the installation yourself first, before you purchase, just give us a call on 0417 154 490 or Contact Us via email and we’ll be happy to help.

One of the wonderful aspects of our Solarbright® tubular skylights is that they require no maintenance at all! Once properly installed, the unit is sealed from the weather, dust, moisture and bugs. Making for a completely hassle free way of lighting your home, beautifully!
Each of our skylight ranges come with different warranties because they are made up of slightly different components. The Solarbright® Maxlight® series comes with the industry leading 20-year product warranty. The Spectrum range of skylights has a 10-year warranty and the Budget range has a 7-year product warranty. You can see more product information and specifications on each of their product pages.
Yes, our SolarBright® Maxlight® is Energy rated in fact it has a unique triple lens diffusion system to achieve one of the highest performance in the market. The energy performance exceeds most criteria set by international organisations.
Yes! The Solarbright® Maxlight® can deliver amazing light, even after long drops up to 6m! As long as there is space in the upper floors to accommodate the tubing, which is of course hidden by our specialist installers.

In the colder winter months, moisture from everyday activities inside the house can enter the roof cavity. Without proper ventilation, this moisture promotes mold and mildew, saturates insulation. In the summer, heat from the roof cavity can radiate down into your living area making the air conditioner work harder to cool your home. If air conditioning ducting runs in the attic, a hot attic will superheat the ducting and the conditioned air inside making the air conditioner less efficient.
Most (but not all) roofs have some form of static ventilation. Static vents or ridge vents will help but generally do not provide sufficient air movement to pull heat and moisture from the attic – especially during the winter or when the ambient air is stagnate.
Solar roof Fans are extremely easy to install. A homeowner can install one in less than an hour and a professional in less than 30 minutes.
SolarBright Solar roof Fans can be installed virtually on any roof of either residential or commercial buildings. The roof mounted model is designed for either pitched or flat roofs. The solar panel can be angled to the position it will collect the most sunlight providing optimal venting performance on all roof slopes. Both a curb and gable mounted units are also available.
All our solar attic fan models have the industry leading up to 15 year product warranty.
SolarBright Solar Roof Fans require no maintenance! The unit has been engineered to be leak proof when installed properly. It also has a protective animal screen that keeps out the critters.
SolarBright solar roof fans are designed for whisper quiet operation. Using a proprietary five wing aluminium fan blade adjusted to optimum pitch performance.
SolarBright solar roof fans are designed to be the most durable solar powered ventilation products available. The body, lover and the blade are made of durable aluminium material not plastic.
No, SolarBright solar roof fans are standalone units and are not tied to your home’s power.
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